• Do you find yourself dreaming big things but ultimately doing little or nothing at all to bring them to life?
  • Is procrastination your constant companion?
  • Is your business suffering because you keep putting off crucial tasks?
  • Are you facing money problems because you are unmotivated to make the major changes that would fix them?
  • Are you feeling depressed because you’re not where you think you should be at this point in your life?
  • Are you unable to figure out just what is holding you back from taking action to reach your goals?
  • Is fear or self-doubt keeping you stuck and unable to move forward?

If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone

Everyone puts off doing undesirable tasks for one reason or another. But recent studies show that at least 20% of Americans self-identify as chronic procrastinators. Do you identify with that group too? It gets worse for college students, with a whopping 80-95% of them procrastinating on assignments and coursework. (I get it, there’s just something about school!)

But what makes so many of us put off doing so much of what we know we need to do even when we know there will be negative, even painful, consequences

for not doing it?

For one simple reason: The pain of inaction is not greater in our minds than the pain of taking action. So we delay, put off, make excuses and rationalize until our inaction becomes too painful to bear. Then in a spasm of activity we try to fix what has been broken for so long. But that doesn’t work, so we give up, spiral into negativity and fall back into our old, comfortable patterns. And the comfort is like a drug that soothes us. And like all drugs, we can get addicted to it.

But imagine for a moment what life would be like if…

  • You stopped hiding behind excuses to avoid unpleasant tasks
  • You took your business to the next level because you focused on and accomplished the things that count
  • You lived an organized life that brought you peace of mind
  • You jumped out of bed every day knowing exactly what you wanted to do, getting it done and being super-productive
  • Money problems were no longer an issue because you are on it and in control

If only that were the case. If only you had the knowledge to make all that happen. If only you had the time. If only you had… a SOLUTION!



Now there is hope. I am happy to say that now you have access to a SOLUTION. Now you can conquer your fears, break through what’s been holding you back and paint a clear path to getting more done with a written plan on how to do it. And, you can surround yourself with like-minded people who struggle with the same challenges and want the same things you do.

Procrastination can be painful and costly. I know, because I have struggled with it my whole life. I am what you would call a recovering procrastinator! And it is only by maintaining certain habits in my life that I am able to keep procrastination from rearing its ugly head again in my life. It’s how I got control over my time, my finances and my life. It’s how I was able to quit my job and call my own shots working for myself. It’s how I was able to gain the satisfaction of effecting positive change in so many lives over the years. But I didn’t want that to be the end of my story.

First as a professional organizer, then financial and life coach I ran into a variety of clients with a variety of problems. Clutter, poor time management, inability to focus and reach goals, bad money management habits and the like. And over time it began to strike me that they all had one thing in commonThey all put off doing what they knew they should be doing to address the problem that was causing them so much pain. In other words, they were chronic procrastinators!

That’s when I knew I had to change my approach from one that didn’t just dump knowledge and techniques on them, but rather, to one that dug deeper and addressed the limiting beliefs that were holding them back and dictating negative behavior. When I was able to dig out the roots of the problem, the procrastination and its accompanying symptoms began to fade away.

The methodology I developed to address the limiting beliefs that hold us back and cause us to procrastinate are now available to you in my new Mastermind, The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE.

Based on my personal experiences, client interactions over 10 years, and what I learned from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi on transferring knowledge effectively to others, this Mastermind can bring about transformative changes in your life.  

You too can develop a Get-It-Done mindset and go from being a procrastinator to being a Proactive Doer!

This Mastermind is a written system contained within an 8-week course that I call The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE MASTERMIND. It is an easy-to-follow, online, step-by-step, day-by-day guide to figuring out what’s at the root of the limiting beliefs that cause your procrastination and what tools you can use to conquer them and get going toward building a life of unlimited possibilities.  


Will Teach You:


What it means to be FOCUSED and INTENTIONAL


How to identify and replace the negative thought patterns that keep you stuck with positive ones


How to organize your environment, pick your "wolf pack," manage your time and master your money in ways that create the peace of mind needed to function at high levels


The One Thing” that can power you into action


How to conquer your fears and JUST DO IT!


What it means to live a life of focused intentionality out loud and more!

What People Are Saying About My Courses

Melissa Kellogg

Austin, TX

"…Forrest was very good with leading a conversation right where it needed to go in order to show you where you are overlooking or plain NOT looking, and he never leaves you hanging with questions regarding how to fix things or what to do next. He has a suggestion and recommendations for almost everything you can possibly imagine. His wealth of knowledge and insight was surprising and very reassuring. When you are done with this program, you still get some check ins and updates... he doesn't just swoop in like a super money man, tell you how to do it, then swoop off to the next person. Even if you "got it all" and are doing things by the outline you created, he is still there to check in and guide you. He has the best follow through ever…"

Cortney Wright-Thomas

Queens, NY

“We always say we are going to do something, but sometimes we do not do them. Working with Forrest, I learned to stop putting off things, set goals and reach them. This is for all aspects of your life- physical, emotional and financial. He teaches you how to balance all three and become successful in each area. Of course, this is not an overnight process, he gives you the tools and strategies that you will need for long-term growth and development. Wanting to run a marathon, he will show you how to use small steps to meet that goal. Needing to move on from a negative relationship, he will ask you the questions that will help you release those toxic thoughts that are holding you back. Want to go on a trip or just increase your savings, Forrest will give you a financial plan that will enable you to still maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to AND increase your savings. He is a wealth of information and a great resource when looking to move your life to the next level. If you are not ready for change, he is not for you, but if you are serious about improving and making positive changes, he is the man for you. 




  • You’re looking for a quick fix
  • You’re looking for the easy way out
  • You’re looking to get something for nothing
  • You’re comfortable with the status quo
  • You are too lazy to put the work in
  • You don’t think you even have a problem


  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Procrastination is costing you emotionally, financially and relationally
  • You understand that in order to take your business to the next level, you need to fix YOU!
  • You feel the need for urgency when it comes to changing your life trajectory
  • You understand that nothing will change unless you take massive action
  • You feel you just need someone to show you where to start and what plan of action to follow

If you discovered this is NOT for you, I wish you all the best and thanks for reading this far. But if you discovered this IS for you, keep reading. You’re about to change your life trajectory!



‘F’ is for Fearless- Video lesson on What it means to be fearless in pursuit of your dreams PLUS: Focus on “Deconstructing Fear” Live Session


‘O’ is for Optimism- Video lesson on Why Optimism is crucial and how you can cultivate it, PLUS: Focus on “Developing A Positive Mindset” Live Session


‘C’ is for Consistent- Video lesson on How to develop Consistency in your daily routine, PLUS: Focus on “Developing Positive Habits” Live Session


‘U’ is for Understand- Video lesson on Knowing what you need to know is key to success, PLUS: Focus on “The Knowledge Keys Needed To Unlock Any Goal” Live Session


‘S’ is for Strategic- Video lesson on the value of having a plan and following it PLUS: Focus on “Reverse-Engineering Your Goals and Dreams” Live Session


‘E’ is for Energized- Video lesson on how to stay energized in the face of setbacks and challenges PLUS: Focus on “A Deep Dive Into Your Why” Live Session


‘D’ is for Do and Deny- Video lesson on what you need to do AND what you need to deny in your life PLUS: Focus on “Your To-Do’s and Your To-Don’ts” Live Session


Focus on “Living A Life Of Intentionality Out Loud” Live Session


MONDAY, JULY 22, 2019


  • 8 weeks of online, in-depth, yet easy to follow video lessons and live sessions on focus mastery and intentionality designed to erase procrastination from your life and get the results you crave!
  • 7 video lessons on the F.O.C.U.S.E.D. methodology, (One new lesson delivered every Monday morning that you can view anywhere, anytime) with accompanying printed lessons, worksheets and Action Steps
  • 8 LIVE, 90-minute weekly Mastermind sessions that will take you on a deep-dive into a different aspect of the F.O.C.U.S.E.D. methodology (Conducted every Tuesday evening for 8 weeks)
  • Step-by-step guides and worksheets for setting and reaching your goals, identifying and destroying your limiting beliefs and developing the habits that will keep you focused and intentional throughout your life
  • Admittance to the Private FB Mastermind Page “The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE”


PLUS you will receive these added bonuses:

  • Two 1-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions (one each month) with me via skype to help in your success journey (A $300 VALUE)
  • 8 weeks of unlimited text and email support to help move you along through the rest of the course material and help you if you get stuck with anything (A $197 VALUE)
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can always go back and review anything you need a refresher on
  • The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE 90-Day Action Journal, your personal blueprint for success. In the form of a downloadable PDF AND print version, it is a day-by-day workbook and journal covering everything you need to do over the course of the entire 60-day lesson plan PLUS an additional 30 days to really cement your plan for success. It includes daily sheets with lesson-specific motivational quotes, assignments for the day, scheduler, productivity tools and daily recaps. We leave nothing to chance so you will never have to wonder what you need to do next. (A $50 VALUE)
  • “The Poison of Procrastination” video lesson. (A $97 VALUE)


  • An additional 1-hour, one-on-one coaching session with me via skype after you complete the 60-day course! ($150 VALUE)
  • 4 ADDITIONAL weeks of unlimited text and email support to assist you after you complete the 60-day course! ($100 VALUE)

The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE MASTERMIND base course

PLUS all these incredible bonuses is 

WORTH $2,391!

But, during this introductory period, you get all this incredible content for the

low, limited-time introductory value of

ONLY $997!

 I do this as an incentive to get the course off to a quick start and in the hands of as many as I can, but not too many.  ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED TO ONLY 20 PEOPLE and this Mastermind will fill up fast!  Keeping the class size small allows me to devote individualized time to each student.  After the initial class fills up, the price will go up for the base course and I will charge for the added bonuses.


Tap into This Priceless Mastermind Resource Now

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I assume the risk. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30-day period, if you don’t feel that The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE MASTERMIND is worth way more than what you invested in it in terms of results, just ask for your money back. I insist on giving it back to you unless you are completely convinced that you found incredible value in what you learned. I am that confident that you will find incredible value in what I have to offer. Just show me you did the required work and I will refund all your money.

Here Is Another Testimonial:

“Mr. Huguenin is a pleasure to work with! I’ve found him to be a great resource, possessing a wealth of knowledge. He is professional, patient and kind. I highly recommend his services!”

-Felice Jones-Lee, Bayshore, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the course 8 weeks long?

A: I could dump everything on you at once but that would be information overload. Changing your limiting-belief mindset and laying the groundwork for cultivating the habits that conquer chronic procrastination is not done overnight. It takes time to build the habits of the successful action-taker. Each course is designed to build on the one before it. That way the lessons stick and you develop the habits of success that will last a lifetime.

Q: What if I don’t have the time to do a lesson as soon as I receive it?

A: No problem! The beauty of this course is you can do it at your own pace, when and where you are most comfortable. Even the live sessions will be archived for later viewing.

Q: Why a Mastermind format?

A: The Mastermind is where synergy happens. When like minds get together, they become greater than the sum of their parts. When problems, questions or challenges come up, the power of the community attacks and solves them. Plus, you get the power of accountability from people who are striving to achieve the same things you want. That’s an unbelievably powerful combination.

Where did you learn all this?

My knowledge and experience comes from 15 years working in sales where I learned the importance of prioritizing, avoiding procrastination and setting goals and achieving them. Then I spent another 10 years working one-on-one with my own clients teaching them how to get organized, manage their time and money, get more done and end procrastination. The results I was able to achieve speak volumes for my methodology. Finally, I got coaching from none other than Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi who taught me how to take action, get things done and transfer those techniques to others. I also took courses with the Robbins-Madanes Company which trained me to work as a life coach to help people overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate habits that get results.

Q: Come on, can someone who has struggled with procrastination all their lives really overcome it in 8 weeks? That just doesn’t seem realistic.

A: Yes!  Yes you can! I used to think that way too until I realized the cost of not taking action and everything I could gain by taking action. And I humbled myself and recognized that I needed help in the form of a coach who had walked the path before me and could lead me to the same success. If a lifelong procrastinator like me can do it, anybody can!

Q: Is this going to work for me? “I’m over 50 and set in my ways.” “You don’t understand, my situation is different.” “I’m a solo-preneur and running my business gets crazy at times.” “I don’t know, I already have a full plate. Work and the kids keep me so busy.”

A: No matter where you are on your personal journey or who you are, the foundational principles in this course will work for you. We show you why it’s never too late to change and why your previous experiences with fighting procrastination don’t matter. It’s all about effecting change in your mindset. Once that happens, the sky’s the limit. Business owners will especially prize the information here because it shows you the step-by-step basics of how to manage your daily tasks so you can take your business to the next level. If you’re pressed for time you especially can benefit because we deliver the course in small, easy to digest chunks and we even show you how to maximize your time so you can get even more of what you want to do done. Everyone has the ability to conquer procrastination. The only thing you need to ask is what is it worth to me to finally overcome the pain and cost of procrastination? We help you answer that and then we show you how to get it done!

Q: Forrest, why should I pay you?  Isn’t this information out there for free on the internet?

A: Quite honestly, yes. You could spend days, weeks and months trolling the internet, figuring out where to find the information you need or even what information you need. You could then spend unknown amounts of time trying to cobble together the information you find and figure out what works and what doesn’t. And after trial and error, and valuable time lost, you could begin to figure out what you don’t know.   But ask yourself, can you afford the time and effort that would cost? And has any of what you’ve tried in the past worked for you yet? All the while you will be trying to reinvent the wheel when I’ve already done the work for you and packaged it into an easy to follow guide that will change your life and your future forever. I tried the “free” path myself and believe me, it’s not so free!

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, write a new future for yourself, lay out a plan for success and finally achieve the personal and/or business success you have always craved?


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Sure, there are lots of other instructional courses out there, some for a lot less or even free. I always believe you get what you pay for. But what makes The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE MASTERMIND so different from the rest and so much more valuable? The difference is this:

  • An Actual Written, Personalized Plan- The daily, step-by-step Action Journal that lays out what you must do each day of your 60-day journey to focus mastery.
  • Accountability- I personally hold you accountable and show you how to use others in your sphere to hold you accountable also. PLUS, the Mastermind Community will be sure to hold you accountable each day and each week.
  • Personalized Coaching- One-on-one sessions with me via Skype. Who else offers you that kind of access?
  • Motivation- We help you discover your big WHY, the fire inside you that will keep you going through the tough times. We don’t just give you a bunch of instructions and leave you to chance.
  • A Holistic Solution- We lay the foundation for you mentally, so you understand yourself and what will work best for you. Then we show you how to set your life up for success. Finally, we give you the inspiration you need and the action plan to put it into practice for real results.
  • My personal 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

P.S.  Remember, the price of $997 is an introductory offer only. After the initial enrollment period ends on Sunday, July 21st, the doors will close and...

  • The F.O.C.U.S.E.D. LIFE MASTERMIND begins on Monday, July 22nd.

  • Whenever this course is offered again the price will go up and all the added bonuses will cost even more
  • This class is LIMITED TO ONLY 20 ENROLLEES and will fill up fast!
  • AND, only the first 10 ENROLLEES will get the 3rd coaching session with me plus an additional 4 weeks of text and email support. That takes you 90 days out!

So, what are YOU waiting for? Your dream life is waiting on YOU. Stop procrastinating and take action NOW! CLICK BELOW to enroll and get started today and your personal plan for killing procrastination, getting focused and intentional and taking your life to the next level will be speeding on its way to your inbox.




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